Yin-Yang Watches-Collection

Yin-Yang Watches-Collection

Yin Yang Watches: A dynamic harmony

The concept of Yin and Yang originates from Daoism and describes polar opposite yet complementary forces. Residence incorporates this motif of dynamic harmony in the form of a uniquely designed watch collection.

Life consists of contrasts. This is expressed in the world of thoughts and feelings of people and is reflected in the everyday life of each individual.

In Daoism, Yin and Yang is an important concept to describe the togetherness and transformation of opposites: These opposites include the feminine and masculine, passivity and activity, and darkness and light.

The symbol found its way into the Western world in the 20th century and since then it has been impossible to imagine fashion, design and pop culture without it.

On a visual level, Residence's Yin Yang Edition focuses entirely on the balance of these very opposites and the principle of inner harmony: both the wristwatches and the pocket watches convey elegance and richness of detail - without being overly ostentatious.

The Wristwatch
The automatic wristwatch is available in rose gold or silver, with a circumference of 37 - 44 mm. The skeletonized movement is complemented by a day and night indicator and a Breguet hand. The leather strap comes in warm brown tones or plain black.

The Pocket-Watch

The Yin Yang pocket watch is also available in gold and silver. The design is the same as the wristwatch, but the subtle rounded shape of the watch case makes it more comfortable to carry in your pocket. The chain is simple and is excellent for visually accentuating level and subtlety.