We introduce the personalities behind the service

We introduce the personalities behind the service

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As a Swiss family business, every employee of ours has an individual area of responsibility, which he shapes through his skills, character and way of working.

Two of the most important areas for us are watchmaking and sales along with customer service. We are pleased to introduce you to the faces that characterize these sectors:

On the right side you can see Michel Maurer. He is responsible for the quality, finishing and repair service of the watches. With his many years of experience and his passion, he can make virtually any watch work, from small to large and from old to new. Michel Maurer enjoys a high reputation in the Swiss watchmaking industry – and we are grateful to have such a great name among our ranks: Michel Maurer works for the company for over 35 years and has contributed greatly to the development and success of the brand. 

On the left side we introduce Michael Ripamonti. He is responsible for the customer-service as well as sales and gladly accepts your requests: He helps you wherever he can to offer you the best possible service. You can communicate with him in Swiss German, German, French, Italian and English. In written correspondences he can also assist you in many other languages.